Capacity-building Committee

Members: Gary Blank (chairman), John Connors, Meghan Lobsinger, Anna Miller

GOAL: Bring resource managers together to carry out appropriate stewardship of the highest quality natural areas in Wake County.

2013 Goals
  • Develop a stewardship assets and need inventory county-wide, to position ourselves for how to recruit a volunteer network, develop a multi-jurisdictional resource-sharing position, and otherwise bring resource managers together (Blank). This need was pointed out by Hammerbacher, so that we can better position ourselves to make a funding pitch to get things started.
  • Regular workshops as a way to bring resource managers togetherto focus on particular needs and assets
    • Spring workshop on management planning (March)
    • Fall workshop (Sept) on what topic?
    • increased communication among natural areas managers in County
    • target continuing education units

  • Workdays
    • Said we were going to get a volunteer days program coordinated with Raleigh for their nature preserves - maybe Service Raleigh 23 March (Miller)
    • Potential workday at Mitchell Mill State Natural Area - Fall?


Consonant with our goals to ...
  • develop the organizational capacity to conduct natural resource inventories on and develop management plans for Preserves;
  • develop an organized, volunteer base of citizen-scientists to monitor Preserves.

This committee will develop a list of people willing to devote time to developing nature preserves, including how they are willing to help.


Meghan Lobsinger (Wake County, Chairwoman), Colleen Bockhahn (Wake County), Benson Kirkman, Ross Sullivan (Wake County), Gary Blank (NC State)

Current Projects

Swift Creek Bluffs Assemblage WakeNature Preserve
  • Dr. Blank's FOR784 class has taken on the writing of a management plan for the three properties as a potential WakeNature Preserve
  • First site visit by the class was made on Friday, 26 August 2011