Information about the communications survey being performed by the communications planning class, Spring 2010.

Objective Statement: The main goal of our survey is to determine what types of publics are potential supporters, non-supporters and volunteers for WakeNature and its mission. By finding out their demographics as well as park usage we will be able to target specific publics through different appropriate media outlets and in some cases, advertisements.

Additional information (notes by Hess) - we decided at our 2010 Feb 18 meeting , in consultation with reps from the communications class, that we would like to administer the survey to two groups of people:
(1) the general public - this would be done by canvasing at US Post Offices and Wake County Libraries throughout the county, aiming for about 200 surveys
(2) decision-makers - particularly elected officials and upper-level parks department managers for all 12 municipalities in Wake County and Wake County government - this would be done using a web-based survey
Note to students: NCSU has a survey builder that I believe you can use at no cost -

Survey Comments

Please review the survey and post comments here by 3PM on Monday 2010 Feb 22.
When finished, please put your name on the line below.

Here's the draft survey: WNPPCommSurvey.2010.02.18.pdf

Comments start here: Please label your comments by question number and group for the same question together.

Q3-- need check box or something so you are sure which letter they are checking--might go with circles since that is what you are using in Q4 and the consistency can be helpful to the respondent. (Toddi)
Q3d - change Nature Preserve to Nature Park (george)

Q4d-- Durant Nature Park (Toddi)

Q5-- we might want to change the responses so they are more contextual with the questions asked. For instance, the following responses might make better sense: Very important to me, somewhat important to me, not very important to me, I don't care (Toddi)
<<george - change needs to go further than this, as someone might feel very strong that we should NOT preserve natural habitats - How about something along the lines of "Do you favor conserving natural habits within the parks systems of Wake County (including city and county parks)?" Strongly in favor, somewhat in favor, somewhat opposed, strongly opposed, no opinion>>

Q6-- Strongly in favor, somewhat in favor, somewhat opposed, strongly opposed, no opinion (Toddi)
<<george - This could be seen as asking whether we should buy more land - that's not what we're about. Perhaps "Some of the land in Wake County's parks systems (city and county) contain locally unique natural resources. Do you favor managing these lands to conserve those unique natural resources?" Strongly in favor, somewhat in favor, somewhat opposed, strongly opposed, no opinion>>

Q7-- How is Q7 different from Q5---what will this question tell us that we don't get from q5? (Toddi)
<<george - agree - these are redundant - one should be eliminated>>

Q12 - Do you want to broaden the communications methods - don't you want to know if they read newspapers, watch TV news, listen to radio news? This seems a very limited set of outlets. (george)

From Shawn Gillen

Should the objective be written more from the point of view of the audience? (at least on the Survey)

Also, for the classes objective, I would suggest that knowing demographics is important, but more important is understanding the psychographics and understanding what the audience's truly value. This way we can emotionally connect to them and their values thus making Wake Nature Preserves relevant to them.

Audiences: Agree with the elected officials as a target but perhaps the second target of general public is too broad at this point. In the early phases of our development should we not focus on those that could be ambassadors to our cause? Might it be a cross-section of the public that is more environmentally conscious? possibly part of nature groups, members of REI, the Museum of Natural Sciences types, etc? This is not to say that we are targeting extreme "tree huggers". This I think would be a mistake and would alienate the more "casual" nature lover.

Survey comments:

Possible verbiage to use in the ruled box at the top of the survey. perhaps it's a bit more descriptive and "pedestrian"

Wake Nature Preserve Partnership is a collaborative that encourages a coordinated approach to classifying and managing the most ecologically valuable, publically-owned natural areas in Wake County, as well as better public education and appreciation of these special places.

Q4: Add to the question "... familiar with any of the following designated open spaces"

Q5: Feel we need to define "natural habitats". I do not think there is one understood definition.
Agree with Toddi and to George's point, I would use: Very important to me, somewhat important to me, Neutral, Somewhat opposed, strongly opposed

Q6: Possibly reword to: If asked to vote on whether Wake County's publically-owned, ecologically rich natural areas should be preserved, how likely would you be to vote in favor?

Do we add what they would have to give up? Or ask them if they would be more behind an initiative such as this compared to other similar issues? I just think they will be guarded to answer that they would vote in favor without a lot more information. So maybe the question is repositioned as to their perception of how concerned their constituents are with the preservation of natural areas...

And this question is only for the elected officials right? not the public?

Q7: remove

Q9, 10: only for general public? Obviously elected officials would not be under 18 or a dependent/student

I would suggest adding a multiple choice question that gets to what they value in recreational and protected natural areas. This will get closer to identifying their values and where we can make those emotional connections.