Inventory Committee

GOAL: Places on the ground - designate publicly accessible WakeNature Preserves.

Members: Scott Pohlman (chairman); John Connors; George Hess; Brooke Massa, Gary Perlmutter; Melissa Salter

2013 Goals
  • Complete Swift Creek Bluffs Assemblage review process, giving use one place on the ground (Salter)
  • Get one or two more places on the ground... possibilities include ...
    • possibilities include Schenck Forest (NCSU), Hemlock Bluffs (Cary, retry), Blue Jay Point, Yates Mill, others being highlighted on mapper.
      • Potential WakeWonder site
      • Lobsinger will coordinate a WakeNature member volunteer day in April to clear vegetation around existing plants (Pohlman, Connors, Salter, Beedle, and Massa have committed)
      • Salter will contact Raleigh Utilities about necessary permits, volunteer waivers, etc.
    • Bass Lake in Holly Springs is getting ready to come on line with a preserve area of some kind

  • Continue work on and promote WakeNature interactive mapper to highlight current and potential places on the ground


This committee is established consonant with our goals to ...
  • identify and designate as “WakeNature Preserves” protected open spaces in Wake County that contain important ecological or geological resources or meet other criteria that qualify them for this distinction;
  • create more public awareness and appreciation of our highest quality natural areas in Wake County;

This committee will develop a list and maps of the highest quality natural areas in Wake County - those that might ultimately be designated as WakeNature Preserves. For each area, the committee will catalog its status, including what natural resources are on site, whether or not the area is a WNP, has a management plan, is being stewarded, is accessible to the public, and so forth. Once we've identified these places, we might bring together the municipalities they are in for another round of capacity-building workshops.


Gary Perlmutter (UNC, Chairman), Heather Cheshire (NCSU), John Connors (Museum), Kacy Cook (WRC), Leigh Ann Hammerbacher (TLC), George Hess (NCSU), Scott Pohlman (NC Natural Heritage Program), Charlynne Smith (NCSU)

Spreadsheet of Wake County significant sites and elements compiled from the NHP county inventory.

Current Outline of WakeNature Preserves (as of August 2011)
  • Preserves
    • Turnipseed (designated May 2011)
      • Management Plan - complete
      • Inventory - ongoing
        • Vegetation - complete
        • Lichens - complete
        • Birds - complete
        • Fish - complete
        • Mussels - status?
        • Mammals - ongoing
          • Bats - September 2011?
  • Candidate Preserves
    • Swift Creek Bluffs (includes DOT easement & Futrell Tract)
      • Management Plan - TLC (1997)
      • Inventory - ongoing
        • TLC (2008), Futrell Tract (2010)
        • Carolina Vegetation Survey Pulse (2011)
          • Two plots in Mesic Mixed Hardwood Forest in TLC tract - to be analyzed
    • Lake Raleigh Woods
      • Management Plan - G. Blank update?
      • Inventory - ongoing?
        • Lichens - cursory done in 2011
    • Mitchells Mill State Natural Area
      • Management Plan?
      • Inventory - limited
        • Carolina Vegetation Survey Pulse (2011)
          • Two plots in Granitic Flatrock Border Woodland - to be analyzed
    • Raleigh Nature Preserves (designated July 2011)
      • Anderson Point
      • Horseshoe Farm
      • Durant Nature Park
      • Annie Louise Wilkerson M.D. Nature Preserve
      • Lake Johnson, southern portion