WakeNature Preserves Partnership Meeting

Thursday 8:30-10, followed by professional development activity until 10:30. Chief Ranger Francis Ferrell to present on "Leveraging Resources through Partnerships: Recent USACE Success Stories".
Falls Lake Visitor Assistance Center, 11405 Falls of Neuse Rd, Raleigh, NC 27614 (map link)
Hosted by US Army Corps of Engineers, Chief Ranger Francis Ferrell
Directions from host: Our main entrance is off of Falls of Neuse Rd about a 1.5 miles north of the intersection of Raven Ridge Rd. and Falls of the Neuse Rd. Once you enter the park, follow the main road until you see the Visitor Assistance Center on the left.

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Attendance Notes
Ferrell, Snow, Pohlman, Teten,

Annotated Agenda Items

Please add items you'd like to see on the agenda by 5PM Tues before the meeting.

Please add your pre-meeting discussion of these items under the item right here on the agenda, or on the appropriate linked page.

Introductions as needed

Steering Committee (Scott Pohlman, chairman)
GOAL: Increase momentum by growing active signatory membership.

Opening position on Steering Committee to take Teten's place come September - let the committee know if you're interested
New possible partners - Town of Garner (Katie Lockhart), Carolina Wetlands Association (Rick Savage), have received the MOU for review
Southeast Regional Land Conservancy (Karen Heiman) - motion (Connors) to accept SRLC's MOU and seconded (Jeffries), voted in meeting, passed
Wikispaces going away - Hess exploring options for how to save content and transition to a new platform.
March for Science request - April 14 9AM-12PM; offer the opportunity to partners via email but don't participate as a Partnership (we don't necessarily have materials to table with)
National Wildlife Federation - sign the Recovering America's Wildlife Act letter? Those in meeting were favorable - will send to absent partners for consensus - motion (Connors) to support this Act, seconded (Jeffries)

FAQ: The Recovery America Wildlife Act

Promotion Committee (Stephanie Jeffries, chairwoman)
GOAL: Tell the story of the highest quality natural areas in Wake County and the stewardship they have and need.

Action Items from February meeting:
- Bioblitz application was put on front page of website and updated with new application document and new deadline of March 15
- Logo: present new logo (see below)
- All partner links on website corrected and moved underneath the Mission for more immediate visibility? New "Partners" page under "About" tab, but Kaytee will also add list of Partners under "Mission" widget on landing page
- Question: before removing old video, can we film a new video for landing page? Feature BioBlitz and/or Workshop and/or clips from meetings? - Kaytee's videographer can help us film this year!
- Schedule summer meeting(s) to explore ways to simplify website, revamp it, and make it more user friendly.
-Some mentioned making WakeWonders not its own page, but under another dropdown.

WakeNature Logo Tagline (9).pngWakeNature Logo Tagline (10).png



Inventory Committee (John Connors, chairman)
GOAL: Places on the ground - designate publicly accessible WakeNature Preserves.

Deadline for BioBlitz applications was March 15th

Action Items from February Meeting:
- Collect and review bioblitz applications:
  • Historic Yates Mill County Park - WCPROS
  • White Deer Park (Garner not technically a member yet)
  • Procter Property application from last year - WCPROS
- Make recommendation at April 5th WNPP for selection - Connors recommends Procter site due to pending development stress and potential interest for biologists, no spring data for the site, has high potential for Nature Preserve status
  • Friday, May 18, original tentative date, does not work for host
    • Friday, May 11 is the new date (K. Smith is available for video footage)
  • Jeffries motioned, K. Smith seconded to approve the Procter property (voted and approved)
  • Shouse motioned that we ask White Deer to resubmit next year after signing MOU and perhaps offer a service workday or mini blitz for the fall or some other way to support Garner later this year (reminder from Fowler - we need fall meeting locations!)
  • Going forward, need to reinforce the importance of the justification aspect of the BioBlitz application
- Decide if there is capacity to promote more WakeWonders this year. Need to write up a blurb and get a photo for use to promo committee.

Capacity Committee (Gary Blank, chairman)
GOAL: Bring resource managers together to carry out appropriate stewardship of the highest quality natural areas in Wake County.

Action Items from February Meeting:
- Decide on workshop topic at April 5 meeting and pull together a committee - The suggested topic right now, due to Wake County's current push for a certain % of natives being used on all Wake County properties, is native plant species. Workshop presentation ideas: multiple certification programs available, a plant ID workshop, importance of not just removing invasives but immediately replacing them with natives, etc., leverage partner experience and certifications (Jeffries, Native Plant Society, Audubon, WRC)
- Stacie and Brian can check on Durant and Lake Johnson space availability for workshop on September 14 or 21 (capacity, dates available?)
- Deborah will check on HYM and Umstead for workshop (capacity, dates available?) - Yates Mill is on hold for us for September 21 but can only hold up to 36 in the classroom at tables. Umstead auditorium holds 60, classroom 25 (not sure if dates will work, still checking)

-Volunteers for the workshop committee in the room (Shouse, Jeffries, Fowler, Teten)
-Shouse feels strongly to include local nurseries on top of municipal park professionals/naturalists as invited workshop attendees
-K. Smith and Massa have possible contacts/speakers
-Jeffries suggested considering the NC Botanical Garden for either resources or as a workshop location
-NC Art Museum Park? Just did a large native installation (we may have a few contacts there)

Other Business

Fenton Redevelopment Project - 97 acres of State land going from office/residential to

Professional Development Topic: