Promotion Committee

GOAL: Tell the story of the highest quality natural areas in Wake County and the stewardship they have and need.

Members: Kaytee Smith, chairwoman; George Hess (wiki and web issues); Jen Beedle

2013 Goals
  • Complete NC Forest Service grant work - each of these items helps tell the story.
    • Complete and install signs at Anderson Point (already contracted, design underway)
    • Create WNPP brochure for distribution to munis and other interested parties (under way, but not complete - contract in place with Kaytee Smith; part of NCFS grant)
    • Develop ecosystem services fact sheets for a set of Wake County properties (under way, not not complete - contract in pace with Emily Schieffer through TLC; part of NCFS grant; Hammerbacher is leading)

  • Award program in concert with Raleigh's environmental awards as another opportunity to tell the story. Aim is to be ready to go for 2014. (Blank & Pohlman said they would lead, with Hess helping)
  • Get an article on N&O science pages - we need some publicity!! Possibly focus on interactive mapper. We can view the WakeNature Mapper as an important way to tell the story. (K. Smith said she'd lead)
  • Organize an event around the installation of the signs at Anderson Point, which tell the story of that place. (Ander & Salter)


Consonant with our goal to "create more public awareness and appreciation of our highest quality natural areas in Wake County."

This committee will develop a website that highlights the natural resources of WakeNature Preserves as they come on line. The website will also highlight the places identified by the inventory committee, and their status. This site will be separate from the wiki and have higher-level production values. Fundraising, marketing, signs, and grant-writing are part of this committee's duties.


Toddi Steelman (NCSU, Chairwoman), George Hess (NCSU, website & wiki issues), Kaytee Holcombe (NCSU), Jamie Ramsey (OSAPAC), Amanda Willis (NCSU)

Amanda--update on sign details -- see this report WNPPSignageNotes.2011.08.29.pdf
Summary: After reviewing all meeting notes on the wiki, found no indication that decision or consensus about how signs would be displayed on designated property. Funding attempts have failed.
Presented during meeting of 2011 Sept 1