WakeNature Steering Committee

The memorandum of understanding calls for a 3-person steering committee appointed to staggered two-year terms.

Term Expires
Meghan Teten (NC State Univeristy)
End of 2018
Scott Pohlman (NC Natural Heritage Program), chair
End of 2018
Deborah Fowler (Wake County Parks, Recreation, & Open Space)
End of 2017

From the MOU:
  • The steering committee is the leadership of the WakeNature. The steering committee shall be comprised of three members of the membership at large. Steering committee members will be nominated by self or others and voted on by the voting membership. The steering committee should be balanced with members representing different perspectives of the groups that comprise WakeNature (Local government, state government, non-­‐profits, universities and an at large seat). Each member shall be elected for a two year term. These terms should be staggered. Members of the steering committee agree to attend all meetings. Alternates may represent steering committee members, as needed. Members of the steering committee agree to read appropriate material and arrive prepared to work. The steering committee will prepare and distribute an agenda to the working group prior to each meeting.