WakeNature Memorandum of Understanding

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is intended to enhance cooperation and communication regarding conservation issues by formalizing involvement in the WakeNature Preserves Partnership. Details about membership, voting, and expectations are included.

New version beginning in 2016. Added renewal options - auto-revew or auto-expire after 5 years.

Current Signatories - these are the voting members of the WakeNature Preserves Partnership
  1. Wake Audubon, 2013 Mar 7 (expires 2018)
  2. NC State University, 2016 Feb 11, by Katharine Steward, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs (auto-renews 2021; member since 2011)
  3. Wake County Parks, Recreation, & Open Space, 2016 April 25, by Frank Cope, Community Services Director (expires 2021; member since 2011)
  4. Triangle Land Conservancy, 2016 Nov 3, by Sandy Sweitzer, Executive Director (auto-renews 2021; member since 2011)
  5. Town of Cary, 2017 January 24, by Michael Bajorek, Deputy Town Manager (auto-renews in 2022)
  6. Wake Soil & Water Conservation District, 2017 April 11, by Thomas Dean, Chairman, Wake SWCD Board (auto-renews in 2022)

Expired (5 year term)
  1. UNC Herbarium, 2011 June 1, by Alan S. Weakly, Director
  2. NC Natural Heritage Program, 2011 July 15, by Linda Pearsall, Director, Office of Conservation, Planning, and Community Affairs
  3. NC Museum of Natural Sciences, 2011 Aug 4, by Betsy Bennett, Director, NC Museum of Natural Science
  4. City of Raleigh, 2012 Nov 8, by Diane B. Sauer, Director of Raleigh Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Resources (expires 2017)

At Large Members (in order of appointment)
  • None currently

WakeNatureMOU.pdf (2011 version)

Original signature pages are available for inspection. We have not posted them here because they contain official signatures. Please contact George Hess.