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The mission of the WakeNature Preserves Partnership is to organize and provide resources to identify ecologically valuable, publicly owned open spaces within Wake County, NC, and to build capacity for appropriate management and long-term stewardship of those areas.
Our goals are to ...
  • identify and designate as “WakeNature Preserves” protected open spaces in Wake County that contain important ecological or geological resources or meet other criteria that qualify them for this distinction;
  • create more public awareness and appreciation of our highest quality natural areas in Wake County;
  • develop the organizational capacity to conduct natural resource inventories on and develop management plans for Preserves;
  • develop an organized, volunteer base of citizen-scientists to monitor Preserves.

Printable summaries:

WakeNature holds Invasive Plant Management workshop. Gary Blank (NC State U, front, just right of center, with walking stick) and Ross Sullivan (Wake County Parks, Recreation, & Open Space, orange shirt, right of Blank) welcome participants to the workshop, held in Lake Raleigh Woods and the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation on NCSU's campus. Some 40 people registered for the workshop, and continuing education credits were certified by four different organizations. Participants examined and discussed invasive species in Lake Raleigh Woods, looked at an invasive plant control experiment led by Sullivan, and heard 4 presentations on invasive plant management. WakeNature is planning to hold workshops twice per year, with the next one some in March, 2013, on producing management plans for nature preserves. 2012 Sep 25.

Partnership Members If you are a member and not listed, please add your information.

For further information, please contact a member of the steering committee).
Deborah Fowler (Steering Committee)
Wake County Parks, Recreation, & Open Space
Meghan Teten (Steering Committee)
North Carolina State University
Scott Pohlman (Steering Committee, Chairman)
NC Natural Heritage Program
George Hess
North Carolina State University
David Shouse
(Chairman, Steering Committee)
Raleigh Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Resources
Jenn Beedle
Recreation Resources Service/North Carolina State University
Gary Blank
North Carolina State University
Leigh Ann Hammerbacher
Triangle Land Conservancy
Kaytee Holcombe
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Brooke Massa
NC Wildlife Resources Commission
Gary Perlmutter
UNC Herbarium, North Carolina Botanical Garden / Associate (Lichens)
Melissa Salter

Charlynne Smith
North Carolina State University
Chris Snow
Wake County Parks, Recreation, & Open Space
Jackie Trickel
Wake County Parks, Recreation & Open Space / Crowder District Park
John Connors
Wake Audubon
Steph Jeffries
North Carolina State University

Community support
  • Wake County Mayors Association
  • Wake County Open Space and Parks Advisory Committee (OSAPAC)
  • Capital Group Sierra Club Conservation Committee and Executive Committee
  • Wake County Board of Commissioners (May 17, 2010)

This wiki is for the use of the WakeNature Preserves Partnership and contains documents and notes for sharing among group members. The wiki is set up so that anyone with web access can view the pages but only invited members may edit them.

This wiki is administered by George Hess (NC State University). Please contact him with comments, concerns, or to request membership.